Indonesia will greater dual its disaster reaction budget to 15 trillion rupiahs ($1.06 billion) in 2019, officials said on Tuesday after a sequence of significant natural disasters devastated three regions of the massive archipelago in 2018.

2018 series of significant natural disasters, Indonesia is set to greater dual its disaster response budget to 15 trillion rupiahs ($1.06 billion) this year, officials said on Tuesday.

In 2018, the finance ministry said, it scheduled to launch a new plan in 2019 to reserve disaster recovery, which could include selling “catastrophe bonds.”

The Southeast Asian country suffered its disastrous year in over a decade when greater 3,000 people died in tsunamis and earthquakes in 2018.

The Southeast Asian country suffered its deadly year in over a decade in 2018, when over 3,000 some people died in tsunamis and earthquakes in Sulawesi, Lombok, and West Java and Sumatra islands.

Indonesia bestrides the seismically active Pacific Ring of Fire and sees frequent earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunami, and restrict incidents such as landslides, forest fires, and floods.

Askolani said, budgeting director general at the finance ministry. “The reserve has been ready in anticipation of 2019.”

Said finance ministry spokesman Nufransa Wira Sakti. Five trillion rupiahs would be allocated to rehabilitation and reconstruction, while 10 trillion would be reserved for disaster reply.

“President Joko Widodo” who is moving for re-election in April, said on Monday more cash would be channeled toward disaster education and reply.

“Given our disaster-prone geographic challenges, we must be created, responsive, alert, and resilient in facing any natural disaster,” he said during the first cupboard meeting of the year.

Widodo has called for disaster preparedness to be included in the national school curriculum and for a defunct country-wide early tsunami caution system to be restarted.

In 2018, the finance ministry said it scheme to launch a new plan in 2019 to reserve disaster recovery, which could include selling “catastrophe bonds.” The central government would ensure state benefit against disaster and then generate a disaster danger financing instrument for affected regions to draw upon.

Last month, 437 people were killed beside the coasts of the Sunda Strait after a landslide on Anak Krakatau volcano sent waves up to 5 meters top crashing into western Java and southern Sumatra. This move a dual quake-and-tsunami disaster in Sulawesi that killed over 2,000 people in September, and a series of significant earthquakes that flattened much of the northern coast of the holiday island of Lombok.


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