APC has right to tackle the PDP team Readiness in court.


President Muhammed Buhari was some to court, and the legal directorate of All progressive congress has said that it is ready to defend the president.

President Muhammed Buhari has been declared for his second term by The independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Atiku Abubakr, the presidential candidate of people democratic party has to reject the results of the election and contest it in court.

The council deputy director for legal Mamman Yusufari congratulation Buhari for his second term winning in the statement on Thursday.

Congratulation to you president Muhammed Buhari for the 2019 presidential election and we give thanks to all Nigerian for their overwhelming support; said the council.

We appreciate all the presidential candidate of the political parties for their support and obeying the law in the campaign activities.
Also, thank goes to the INEC for conducting the presidential election and the national assembly elections in -compliance with the law.

The council said: we on our part refused few cases of violence in some part of the nation and approached the proper specialists to deal with the culprits by the law.

We also call on every party that has not satisfied with the results of the last Saturday election to challenge according to the process of law.


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