Muslims in Lagos seeks justice for victims of #EndSARS protest


The Muslim Community of the State of Lagos (MCLS) has called for the immediate investigation and prosecution of those responsible for the shooting of Lekki, with a view to ensuring justice for the victims, as well as preventing such preventable loss of life from being repeated.
In a statement signed by MCLS President Prof. Tajudeen Gbadamosi, the group expressed concern about the current tension in the state with regard to the #ENDSARS rally, noting that the subsequent events were traumatic.
Burning both public and private buildings, destroying public services, and looting business premises, angry elements went on a rampage. Chaos and lawlessness that we have never seen before have existed in our beloved state since then,’ he said.

Gbadamosi urged the government and people, as Nigeria can not afford the more loss of lives and property, to ensure that calm and peace remain the watchwords.

As we have been reminded by the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), Islam places a high premium on life and prohibits abuse and deliberate property damage. In light of this, we are renewing our appeal to all, particularly the aggrieved community and the rampaging youth, to calm down and accept in our communities peace and order.

Violence detracts from the nobility of a cause in any form. The destruction of social amenities just aggravates our living conditions. When our few amenities are lost, we all lose. Surely, we all believe that in killing ourselves, there is no virtue; there is no virtue in damaging our assets and legacies; there is no virtue in bloodshed and anarchy; there is no virtue in cutting our nose to our face,’ he said.

He called on all parties to go to the negotiation table and secure agreement on modalities, plans, and deadlines to achieve shared goals.

We have appealed to our state and nation for calm and stability. Moreover, as the government has listened to the demands of the protesters and has shown willingness to discuss and provide appropriate solutions to the issues posed, we call for law and order. Therefore, embracing peace is imperative on both sides. The youth may be well advised to identify, coordinate, and scrutinize leaders who serve them for this purpose,” Gbadamosi said.

He commended the protesting youths’ efforts to end police violence. More specifically, we must recognize the poignant way in which they have called our attention to our system’s countless sins of omission or commission. Above all, we must show appreciation for their noble desire to create a better and more prosperous country.

He commended the state government’s attempts to handle the unfolding events.

More significantly, the State Governor’s intimate and near attention to information must be respected. “We must admire, above all, his heroic devotion to the vision of building Greater Lagos even from the ashes of devastation,” he said.


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