Donald Trump assume loosing to Joe Biden in the US presidential election


As the results of the Presidential election in the United States are trickled this morning, DEMOCRATIC nominee Joe Biden surged ahead.

Biden had received 238 votes from the Electoral College to President Donald Trump’s 213 as of 9:56 am.

He must secure 270 Electoral College votes in order for a nominee to win.

Results from swing states with 96 votes from the Electoral College were supposed to decide the final result.

Arizona (11), Florida (29), Georgia (16), Iowa (6), the 2nd Congressional District of Maine (1), North Carolina (15), and Ohio are the states.

The ultimate result is not predicted until later today.

As key states kept counting thousands of mail-in ballots, Trump declared victory in the election and accused Democrats of fraud.

“It’s a scam against the American public. For this country, this is an embarrassment. This election, we were getting ready to win. We truly won this election,’ said President Trump in a White House address.

This is a big fraud against our country,’ said Trump.

In key states, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, which have just started counting mail ballots likely to favor Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, Trump said he was winning.

Biden feels he is ‘on the way to victory.’

Shortly after midnight, Biden spoke from Delaware, saying he was hopeful that he was going to win the US presidential election.

Joe Biden
Candidate for US President

We knew it would be a long time … but look, we feel good about where we are. We think we are on track to win this election,’ said Biden.

“Until every vote is counted, every vote is counted. It’s not over.”

We’re sure about Arizona … we’re just calling for Minnesota as well, and we’re still in the Georgia game … and we feel very good about Wisconsin and Michigan … and we’re going to win in Pennsylvania. Keep confident boys, we’re going to win this,’ said Biden.

Although all eyes are fixed on the White House election, there has also been plenty of excitement in the other major contests for the Senate, House, and local seats. Some highlights are here:

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, Trump’s ally, is predicted to win re-election over his Democratic opponent Jaime Harrison, a contest that looked like he would lose at one point.

The first open supporter of the QAnon conspiracy theory, Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, won a seat in Congress-she stood unchallenged.

The Democrats also lost Alabama, their most vulnerable seat, in the race to regain control of the Senate, but won Colorado from the Republicans.

In the critical state of Arizona, Democrat Mark Kelly beat incumbent Republican Senator Martha McSally.

The first openly transgender state senator, Sarah McBride from Delaware, has been

New Jersey liberalized cannabis laws, while Oregon became the first state to decriminalize possession of tougher illegal substances, including heroin and cocaine.


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