#EndSars: CBN freezes the protester’s Account


The accounts of 20 prominent figures participating in protests against police brutality, which rocked the country, were frozen by Nigeria’s central bank.
Weeks of protests triggered police abuses in October in Africa’s most populous country, which became one of the ruling elite’s biggest challenges in decades.
After peaceful demonstrators were gunned down in Lagos on October 20 during a security force crackdown, the protests plunged into widespread unrest.

In recent weeks, the demonstrations have fizzled out, but key organizers have complained of violence, including banning them from traveling abroad.

In a statement late Friday, the central bank said that a federal court ordered the freezing of the accounts “for a 90-day period pending the results” of an investigation.

One of the youth leaders sitting on a judicial panel in Lagos set up to investigate the shooting of demonstrators was among those targeted.

The move saw the panel postpone a hearing at which senior military commanders were supposed to give proof on Saturday as it was boycotted in protest by the youth representatives.

The police report that during the protest and ensuing unrest, 51 people and 22 officers were killed.

Amnesty International reports that at least 12 unarmed demonstrators were shot dead by the army and police in the heart of Lagos, the largest city.

The security forces have denied that the shooting was their fault.

On Saturday, the Nigerian police chief ordered “the deployment of all legitimate forces” to curb any further unrest.



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